Diane Henderson The English Workbook B + Teachers Guide


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ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ The English Workbook B + Teachers Guide Diane Henderson. This allows the children to be creative and imaginative while still providing the children with a structure needed to enable them write in a genre.- Writing activities.- Editing and Proofreading activities.- Two page assessment of the entire unit.Teachers resource book available for each level. Focusing on activities for the whole class and activities for working in pairs.- Analysis of the structure of the writing genre.- Reading activities focus on developing comprehension at 3 different levels: reading for information, reading for understanding and application of understanding.- Vocabulary activities focus on extending word meaning, word building and activities include dictionary work, antonyms/synonyms, alphabetical order, anagrams, word searches, crosswords and word worms.- Grammar activities which focus on parts of speech or punctuation.- Spelling pages focus on specific spelling rules e.g. plurals.- Writing Framework/Template to guide the children in perfecting the specific genre! Thorough treatment of all these aspects of English Literacy in a seven-book series:- Oral language- Reading Comprehension- Spelling- Vocabulary- Grammar- WritingEach book focuses on 5 main writing genres: Procedure Recount Exposition (Persuasive) Narratives Reports.There are 10 units of work in each book and each unit deals with 11 main elements:- Reading passages written in one of the five writing genre- Speaking and listening activities based on the genre.

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